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As many of you know, YouTube has announced and is launching their new 2013 channel layout which is appropriately named “Channel One.”  This name is referring to the fact that you can use one layout for your YouTube channel and it will fit and look appropriate on any device.  In other words… You can have a great looking channel on a mobile phone, on a tablet, on a laptop and yes…even on a TV screen! As expected, many people had some negative comments to make, but I’ve learned a long time ago, sometimes you just gotta go with the flow!  So with that said, I am preparing you for this update.  Soon every channel will be converted to this new layout…at this time, you can still have the old look, but as most of us know, that only last a few months and then we will most likely be required to change.

But don’t worry…the new look isn’t that bad.  It’s actually a great idea and has already inspired many top YouTubers to change their channels… here are a few examples. DeStorm, EpicMealTime, SORTED, MysteryGuitarMan, LOUD and Geek & Sundry.  And Below is a really popular YouTube Video Blogger… iJustine . 


And Here is a picture of our current YouTube Channel… As you can see, I’ve created artwork that shows a little what you might expect when visiting the channel.


Below is the a picture of TutExpert’s Custom Template that will allow you to create a perfect YouTube Channel Layout for any and all devices.  I’ve included a .PSD file for Photoshop users and a .JPG file for users with other photo editing software.  Simply place the .JPG in your photo editing document as a background layer or base image and then create images that fit into the designated areas.  Once you are completed, save the document in one large .JPG.  Do NOT CROP THE IMAGE.  YouTube will automatically place your image in the correct position.  If you crop the image, you will not get the desired results.  In other words, your final image should still be 2120 pixels tall by 1192 pixels wide.  In other words, save it as big as if you were going to use it for TV which is the largest size.  If you do this, you will have stunning results guaranteed!

YouTube One Channel Layout Template

Once you download the source file for the Social Media Icons, you will receive the example picture shown above, the individual .PNG files and the original .PSD files.  These are fully editable and FREE of charge and are licensed for use for personal or business.

CLICK HERE to Download the Social Media Icons source files.

If you run into any problems, feel free to Contact Us for assistance.

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