What’s a Responsive Website, & What Are The Benefits?

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If you are looking to build a website or if you are a web designer, you may have heard the term “Responsive” being used to describe a specific design style when building a website.  Responsive websites are sites that are created to work across many different platforms.  A responsive design will adjust itself based on the device that is being used to view it.  In other words, if a website is accessed from a laptop or computer that has a screen that is 17″ wide, then the site will resemble most websites we are all used to seeing.  However, if that same website is responsive and accessed from a tablet or phone, the site will adjust it’s menu, images, and text to be optimized for that specific size.  An example might be that a responsive site menu when viewed on a phone will adjust itself to a single dropdown in order to fit all of the items as best as possible.

Below is an example of a newly designed website that is responsive and works cross platform.  This design is for a local business in Okemos, MI called THE pedi-CURE. Click Here to view the site.

Computer Screen Example


Phone Screen Example – Menu Closed


Phone Screen Menu Open Example


What are the Benefits?

If you don’t have a responsive web design, then chances are you’re missing out on potential visitors and customers. Imagine you have an amazing website that looks great on a laptop, but not so much on a phone or tablet.  Imagine content not showing up or looking out of place and thereby confusing your potential customer.  If you have a sloppy looking site, then potential clients may think twice about using your products or services.  Also, there is the possibility that a viewer may not be able to find your products or services in an efficient manner when viewing from a tablet or phone, especially if parts of the site do not render properly.

It’s no secret that mobile usage for web searches has been climbing for quite some time now.  People are starting to spend and purchase products and services over mobile devices and in 2013 there was over $7.7 Billion in mobile sales.  That figure will continue to increase for several years to come. People are buying online and they are using their tablets and smart phones to make those purchases. Having a mobile friendly design such as a responsive site is not a luxury any longer, but a must!

So in short, what are the benefits?  The benefits are simple…more sales, more visitors, and more interaction overall. Having a website that looks great and performs on all mediums is a necessity for the longevity of a website.  Just a few statistics to keep in mind when deciding on a web design.

  • eCommerce is expected to hit almost $450 Billion for 2014.
  • Mobile Ad spending will reach almost $8 Billion this year alone.
  • Expect 250 Million mobile phone users this year in the USA alone – that’s approx. 80% of the nation’s population.
  • More than 60% of all mobile phone users in the USA will access the internet via their mobile device. By 2017, this number will grow to 81%

Here at TutExpert, we recommend having your website detect the type of device accessing the site and to respond accordingly.  Its beneficial for you and for the viewer experience overall.  If you’re in need of a website, click request a quote at the top of the page and fill out the form to get one of our designers to give you a free no obligation estimate.


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