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How to convert a picture to a hand drawing or sketch drawing. This tutorial will guide you through a method of creating a layer mask and then using a specific style brush to create a pattern that looks exactly like a charcoal or pencil drawing.

We will use Adobe’s Photoshop CS6 for this, but earlier versions and other photo editing software will work without any problems by simply transferring the concepts. The Brush Preset is available in a link listed below the video…. Enjoy!


UPDATE I have been getting several comments about the brush not always working with version that are either 32 bit or with CS4 and earlier. So I’ve posted this image of the exact settings for the brush. If you’ll notice, I have nothing special, no shape dynamics or anything other than smoothing. Try these and obviously feel free to tweak these settings for best results.

Sketch Effect Brush Settings

CLICK HERE to Download the (32BIT) Sketch Effect Brush Preset. Enjoy!
CLICK HERE to Download the (64BIT) Sketch Effect Brush Preset. Enjoy!
Remember, you can adjust the size and make modifications as needed for your images… 

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  • Gun J03

    Can You share the brush please..

    • tutexpert

      link is under the video

      • Curah Menyan

        Hi, I use CS3, but the Brush was incompatible. Do you have this brush for CS3?

        • tutexpert

          I’ve added a 32BIT version… hopefully this will help… not sure, but it’s worth a try. Also, I’ve posted a picture of my settings so you can duplicate the brush.

  • tutexpert

    I’ve added a link to download the preset that was used in the video… good luck… feel free to post a link of your work in the comments!

  • rogier

    TutExpert, thank joy for tis tutorial, and others.
    Sorry the download link for brush 64 Bit, it don’t work.
    Hope you can fics maybe ?
    Sorry for mij Belgium Englisch.

    • Tony Richardson

      I am sorry about the links, they are now repaired… let me know if you have any more issues!

  • BTE

    any chance you can re-post that 64 bit brush again. I could not get it to download. thank

  • Guy Vatus

    unable to download your drawing action

  • tutexpert

    The link to these brushes are now updated and available for both 32bit and 64bit programs

  • mario wilmsen

    Hello, real nice tutorial. I’m using cs4 (dutch version), I cannot use the brushes you show. Can you please help me ? Thank

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