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I’m sure there will be many more articles to come about this topic, but I wanted to at least get the conversation started. Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics program and so is Xara’s Designer Pro X. The X stands for it’s version..currently I think they have version 8 released, but I’m still using version 7. I have Adobe’s CS6 for Illustrator and I still prefer Xara over Illustrator.

If you’re not familiar, Xara’s Designer Pro product, don’t feel bad, it’s a UK product. Now don’t let that turn you away just yet…Xara is quite a bit more powerful than it originally appears. Here is a link to a side by side view of both products along with a few others.  I agree with the review for the most part other than the ease of use.  Xara is set up a bit different which makes the learning curve a bit more, but after watching a few tutorials, the ease of use is far better than other programs. 

The user interface is quite a bit different than what you may be used to in Illustrator, but like I said, with a few tutorials, you’ll be on your way to designing amazing vector art in no time. The Program exports in any format you can think of and it’ll do it in an less than half of the time as Illustrator. As for it’s ability to create great content, check out these images. (These are Version 6, but the layout is the same)

Xara User Interface Example
Xara User Interface Example

Having spent many hours with both programs I can tell you which one is faster, easier to use, and really overall much more fun… It’s Xara’s Designer Pro by far. I have a difficult time going back to Illustrator after using it. The speed of creating my product is the main reason. I can create a logo or some vector art for a project is minutes if not, seconds. I suggest giving it a try.

Oh…one more thing…YOU WILL LOVE the price! It’s less than $300.00 US Dollars depending on where you make the purchase. I believe it’s only $199.00 to upgrade. It’s amazingly affordable on any budget. You’ll make your money back in no time. I’ll be posting some tutorials on here to give you some ideas of how easy the software is to use.

You can read a little about it below… also, you can visit Design software by Xara for some more details.

Xara Designer Pro:

Xara Designer Pro is our top of the range product graphic and web design package, and includes all the features and templates of Web Designer Premium and Photo & Graphic Designer. Plus it adds extra features that Pro designers need including support for PDF/X, PANTONE and color separations, multi-core processor support for extra speed, enhanced import/export filters, a pro version of the photo panorama tool and more.

Find out more Retail: $299

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  • Amy

    My only gripe about Xara is that it’s PC only… that’s why I’m now looking at moving to Illustrator. Would love it if they came out with a Mac version!

  • tutexpert

    Yes, Xara is a wonderful program and I prefer it to Illustrator, but am surprised it isn’t offered for Mac. I believe it’s developed in Europe and perhaps they are PC dominate over there.

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