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TutExpert.com is a new tutorial site that offers free video tutorials on all things design related.  TutExpert is created and maintained by Tony Richardson (The Guy on the Right Side of This Page). We offer a variety of tips and tricks, inspirational articles, and design support for today’s “Real World” design challenges…. Not to mention some FREE downloadable goodies from time to time! No matter your level of experience, TutExpert.com will continually provide new and creative content for all areas of interest and all skill levels.

How Are We Different

Our difference is in the approach.  TutExpert differs from other tutorial sites in the way it teaches and presents the information.  TutExpert focuses on methods, techniques, and conceptual solutions instead of focusing on specific softwares or a series of steps.  The tutorials are geared toward learning concepts. This focus allows the viewer to relate the information to their design situation.  Once the viewer learns a concept they can then apply that concept to many different softwares and many different design scenarios. 

Whether you are creating a logo or designing an Ecommerce website, there are challenges faced with any project. TutExpert offers innovative solutions that use simple and easy to follow concepts to provide solutions to these challenges. We like to call it, “Knowledge Made Simple.”


knowl·edge  /ˈnälij/


Information and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.
What is known in a particular field or in total; facts and information.

learning – science – lore – cognizance – cognition

As shown above in Google’s dictionary, Knowledge is acquired through experience or education. TutExpert.com can provide months and years of experience within a few minutes of a video tutorial. TutExpert.com understands the power of knowledge. We offer knowledge on subject matter in minutes that would normally take months of “real-world” experiences.

TutExpert’s Future Plans

Like most sites, we do have lots of plans to expand. We plan to offer more content and add new experts as time goes on. Our overall goal is to become the standard for getting solutions and inspiration for designers of all types. Whether you are looking to design a website or a simple letterhead, TutExpert.com hopes to become an industry leader for design related information.

To become the standard for design knowledge, it will take a lot of work from many individuals. So let’s start with you! Make sure to ‘Bookmark Us’ and visit often to see the changes and new content. Consider becoming a contributor for TutExpert. Also, make sure to comment on the tutorials and articles. If you have a suggestion, stop by the contact page and drop us a line! We would love to hear from you.

Now go get some Knowledge!


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