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Tony Richardson is a designer who currently resides in Lansing, Michigan. Tony works in all capacities of TutExpert.com and serves as the direct contact for the site. He possesses nearly 20 years experience in design, business development, and sales. In addition, from 1996 to 2012 he both owned and managed several successful building and design firms. Tony does have Super Powers but doesn’t like to talk about it. He is married with three children, and makes a killer Key Lime Pie.


From Tony…

First, let me say ‘Thank You’ for taking the time to stop by the site and learn a little about moi. As you know, I am a designer and I live in the Lansing area and make a mean key lime pie. I am the creator and current designer of TutExpert.com.  I place most, if not all, the content, articles, and tutorials on the site. 
 That’s some things you may know…What you may not know is that I love designing and anything related to design. Back in my college years, I became fascinated with computers… this started me down the path of learning everything I could about the internet. I framed houses on the side for extra cash and I loved looking at blueprints. That started me down the path of designing homes and additions. Well obviously you can see the connection, design and the internet were not as related back then, but after a few years of technology developing, the two merged and I fit right in! I first started by designing on CAD type software and then that soon moved into graphic work.  Graphic work turned into web design and basically all things design related!

Once again, thanks again for stopping by and if you want to drop me a line, just jump over to the contact page and you can reach me from there. I do read each and every email and I do make it a point to respond to every one! Now go get ya some Knowledge!

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